10 Best Online Thrift Stores in India

10 Best Online Thrift Stores in India

If you've ever pondered where to find affordable and quality garments online in India, I'm here to give you a more feasible option than Shein's post-COVID regulations. Thrifting has become the latest craze, encouraging a sustainable lifestyle, all while displaying the season's must-have trends at great prices. As a result of this trend, numerous Instagram accounts for vintage clothing have surfaced that guarantee exclusive styles and eye-catching statement pieces that subscribe to ethical fashion standards.

If you're thrifty and want to help the environment, I've compiled a list of Instagram thrift shops that will satisfy your shopping urges without harming the environment.

Below are a few thrift stores I love:

1. Thrift Expedition

Welcome to the world of thrifty treasures! Explore a one-of-a-kind retail adventure at the best online thrift stores in India. Step into a virtual expedition where fashion meets sustainability, and affordability intertwines with uniqueness. Uncover a kaleidoscope of pre-loved clothing, accessories, and home decor that tell stories from another time. With just a few clicks, transport yourself through time as you sift through racks filled with vintage dresses exuding timeless elegance or rummage for funky retro t-shirts that scream individuality. These digital havens empower you to curate your style while reducing your carbon footprint; each purchase breathes new life into discarded pieces waiting to be adored once more. Discover hidden gems at unbelievable prices as these platforms become an avenue for responsible consumption without compromising quality or style. Embrace the thrill of unearthing rare finds among their curated collections, often sourced from closets across the country – it's like hunting for treasure in your living room! So join this thrift expedition and let curiosity guide you toward sustainable fashion choices that are as unique as they are affordable.

2. ThriftwithVera

ThriftwithVera, run by Alvera, a NIFT post-grad, was launched in 2021 and since then has successfully delivered 500+ orders across India.

3. Furbish Studios

A 21-year-old woman from Rajasthan, Sneha Sharma, founded the store while studying for the CA foundation exam.

Today, Sneha has her label called Slow Cloud Store. The journey, though, was a challenging one. She walked me through it with a glint of excitement.

4. Thrifty_daze_closet

They source good quality products at a reasonable price range, at most 850 INR, depending on the quality of the clothes. Their store screams sustainable and chic!


The feed looks straight out of a fashion magazine. Check out their profile if you've wondered how to style your finds.

6. Thrift With Vera

Once again, Alvera's store has piqued our interest with thoughtful finds and curation.

Since its inception in October 2021, Alvera, a NIFT post-grad based in Gurgaon, has efficiently dispatched over a thousand orders nationwide.

7. Mavuno

Almost every luxury and fast fashion brand can be found here.

As Mavuno began their journey, they had one goal: intertwining fashion and sustainability. The Founder explains,

8. Old Love Studios

If you are looking for outstanding shirts that are also conversation starters- this is the store for you.

Mahak Gupta, a sole store owner established in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, holds sustainability close to heart, with her brand's mission being to promote eco-friendly clothing using upcycling and reuse. She found that during her stay in Milan, the mentality towards sustainable fashion was much further advanced than what she had encountered in India. Showing off her creative side, Mahak has a supplementary Instagram account (@theaesstudio) on which you can find handmade decor.

9. Find&keep

The store typically sources unisex items, ensuring that everyone can benefit from the store. Tanvi, the Founder, is firm in her belief that clothes are not gender specific.

It's hard not to fall head over heels in love with the store's collection. We contacted Tanvi, the owner, to find out what motivated her to start.

10. Lotus

Founded by Shagun, Lotus is a sustainable brand that champions slow fashion and implements ethical practices. With a range of vintage shirts, jeans, trousers, and accessories available, most of their products have an accessible price point of 699 INR. In an interview with Shagun, she discusses the vast difference between charity shops and vintage wear when she lived in Europe. Most of her collections are sourced from people she met there - in addition to upcycling pre-owned clothes and producing new styles through factory overstock fabrics.

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